Unapologetically Pro-Life

I am 100% pro-life and endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life. As we see hope for Roe v. Wade to be overturned in the near future, it will be more important than ever that we have strong pro-life leaders who will fight to end abortion in Texas once and for all.  

Ban Men in Women’s Sports

As your next State Representative, I will protect women's sports by banning biological males from competing against women. The left wants to call these men "brave," but there's nothing "brave" about beating women in an unfair competition.

Uphold the 2nd Amendment

I am the proud owner of a firearms manufacturing company and I am proudly endorsed by the NRA. I firmly believe in the right to keep and bear arms and my livelihood even depends on it! You can be sure I will always fight on behalf of the 2nd Amendment.

Secure the Border

Keeping our families safe from cartel violence and organized crime starts in the south. It is critical that we fund border security and END illegal immigration. I will work to add more border patrol agents and better technology on the border to keep drug cartels, gangs, and human traffickers out of our country.

Cut Wasteful Spending, Lower Property Taxes

On the Town Council, I cut wasteful spending and reformed Flower Mound's programs for better results. I also lowered property taxes for all homeowners. As your next State Representative, I will apply the same fiscally conservative approach to our state government to permanently lower our property taxes across Texas.

More Money to Education, not Indoctrination

I am committed to supporting Texas teachers and students. As your next State Representative, I will direct more money straight into classrooms, so that teachers and students have the best chance to excel. But we must make sure we are investing in EDUCATION, not INDOCTRINATION.

America is one nation under God, but radical liberals are working hard to divide us more than ever. As your next State Representative, I will stop liberal indoctrination and will fight to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools while also supporting the hardworking men and women who serve in our classrooms.

Stand with Law Enforcement

As Town Councilman, I worked with Flower Mound PD to keep our families safe and as your State Representative, I will continue to fight on behalf of those who protect and serve us. I will always stand up for our law enforcement officials and fight any efforts to defund the police.