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For Texas District 63
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Ben Bumgarner Will Work For You

I will work for you.  As a councilman in Flower Mound, I made sure to always put my residents first. Most politicians do not listen anymore. Let me just say, I hear you! It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you in the Texas house.

Why I’m running

It’s Time for a Change

How many of us are happy with the way our country is being run currently? 

I know I certainly am not. 

Just like a lot of residents of House District 63 I am not happy about how our property taxes are diverted to other projects within the state instead of funding our school districts. Frankly,  Recapture needs to seriously be overhauled if not outright gotten rid of. For example, Lewisville ISD will roughly give away 57 million dollars to the state that could be going into the district for better funding of our schools' social and extracurricular programs, the ability to pay down debt, lower the tax rate, and/or giving our educators proper living wage increases.

If we got rid of recapture we could pay down debt and fund these programs and lower the tax rate to property owners all within the district and not just Lewisville. I read an article the other day saying the state came within a tax windfall of around 26 billion dollars. Those monies should be used to prop up struggling districts and it should not be on the backs of hardworking residents of 63 to fund other districts when we have our own shortcomings ourselves. Recapture is a failed initiative that robs Peter to pay Paul. Let's keep our hard-working tax dollars and let those monies represent us in our communities.

For many—this has been the hardest two years of our lives. For our families, our businesses, our communities. And we got through it not because of help from the government, but by doing what we do what we always do. We get up in the morning, get on with our day, and do our level best to provide for our families.  

Where is the line? I’m running to be that line.  

The time for bureaucrats and career politicians is over. It is time to send a fighter to Austin and show the establishment what the true meaning of grassroots is.

I am 38 years old from Flower Mound, TX. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Austin College up in Sherman, TX. I have lived in North Texas my entire life. I have served on the Flower Mound Town council since 2019 where I serve in Place 3 as the current Mayor Pro Tem. I am the Co-Owner of a local business. I am a Christian, a servant leader, a husband, and father.

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